Happy New Year!!
As the world begins to say good-bye to the remains of 2017, Bear CNC is also saying good-bye to a 10 year run of building custom automated systems for others.

Great strides in new tech and it's availability have made it much faster and more economical for everyone to dive into the realm of home based automation and manufacturing, and I could not be happier with the way things have been growing.

In the coming year this workshop will be growing too, upgrading the tooling needed to offer a wider variety of other products and services in the future.

Have the Happiest of New Year's everyone. Hope to see you check in on progress from time to time.
As you can see from the upper picture, the workshop has acquired a new manual metal lathe to match the existing mini mill.

Not having one in the past has proven to be more costly than just biting the bullet and getting one.  I'm happy to say that bite has finally been made.

Having the lathe will definitely help move the T-Slot wheel project off of the shelf and get it rolling again this year (pun intended).  Yet first on the to do list however is to build a fully automated machining center. 

At present there is a large X/Y table and solid column with 2" extension from the Little Machine Shop waiting on the finishing touches to make it whole. 

The new CNC milling center will be driven by a complete Soigeneris STDR electronics package and will include a rotational axis and hopefully an automatic tool changing spindle head when complete.

Of course there will be a flagship Bear v5 Router in the shop too. But with giving it's STDR to the Machining Center build an additional electronics pack is now needed. 

I was really excited earlier this year to learn about a revolutionary new control setup from the boys at Buildbotics via their kickstarter campaign. 

The campaign was a bust unfortunately but that has not derailed them. In true "maker" style they have pushed forward and will be putting out an initial 50 units here in January 2018.

Look for one to be featured on our in house v5 this spring!

The 2017 PAW 3D printer build has performed flawlessly since being put into action. It will remain largely unchanged outside of minor upgrades to include using more exotic materials such as carbon fiber and other engineer grade plastics.

Plus I plan to add at least two more of them to keep up with small scale production runs of custom parts by the summer.
On the books for 2018:
Select Vendors & Inspiration
I'm excited to be testing a new Laser engraver/cutter from J Tech Photonics at work this week. Here's a little teaser vid while we work on getting it all dialed in and set up.

Look for a full product review on here as soon as we conquer this new learning curve.
​The new controller from Buildbotics will be on it's way very soon.  Really pretty excited about it and can't wait to get it up and running.

Visit Buildbotics.com for more info.