- Robust, Modular and Expandable Design

    - CNC Machined Parts and Components

    - Supports NEMA 17 and 24 Motors & Elec.

    - Mill/Rout/Plasma/laser/Lg Format 3D Print

    - Dependable, Affordable DIY Platform

    - Easy to Use, Cost Effective to Maintain
Building Makers One Space at a Time
​The answer to that question really is in the eye of the beholder.  Every shop has a specific need and use in mind when looking to take on a computer controlled assistant.  Add in the cost of extra's like the control computer, bits, a decent spindle, plus all of the software needed to make the thing work and it's easy to see a lot of budgets destroyed "quick fast and in a hurry". 

​We have endeavored to provide exceptional value and reliability on custom made small shop CNC routers since 2008.  Our clients range from hobbyists to higher volume small production shops throughout North America.  The new v5 prototype aims to bring Bear's unique machine design to the growing maker/DIY-kit community while adhering to those same goals.

​This singular, straightforward design provides a strong platform that can be finished out by the user with specific electronics and related components for whatever type of use they have in mind.  Pricing on this mechanical frame system starts under $600 USD and will ship most anywhere on the continent quite reasonably.  Inquire now to pre-order your own before August 2016.
What is Affordable for a CNC?
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Believe it or not the ordinary garage has a long history of churning out life changing innovation.  Everything from your favorite device to automobiles and space exploration can trace their beginnings to one.  And history has coined many names for the people behind these great creations, weekend warrior hobbyist maker even lunatic at times.  No matter what you call them, we hope you can agree that Garage Professional's have given "flight" to our modern age.  

Bear CNC remains firmly rooted in this very lunatic spirit.  Our machine frames are designed and built from the perspective of the garage pro, for the garage pro.  Whether you need to bring work home or are creating the next big thing, you deserve tools you can understand and rely on without breaking the bank.
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Garage Pro
​We trust you can recognize that Bear CNC is more of a passion for building quality automated systems average folks can afford, versus our full time occupation. 

And with the current marketplace of DIY machines being ever more established; we also recognize that any new offering here. has it's work clearly defined. 

Lots of changes for this site are in store.  For more details on progress and direction,  please email us.
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